Trials and hardships, years as song. Yongxin Energy Group Entrepreneurship has experienced the hardships of entrepreneurship, the Baptism of wind and rain. Harvest the joy of success and social identity. We from scratch, from small to large development process, there is no cohesion of Yongxin people work hard sweat, burning passion and innovative wisdom. Each dedicated Yongxin people is the wealth of enterprises, we have passed a section of the struggle with painstaking efforts of the road, we thank the community for Yongxin Energy support and selfless love, "from the community, social feedback" is our adhering to the concept.

  The vast sea, thousands of boat competition. Self-confidence let us always with the competition and development, opportunities and challenges coexist, and strive to let us learn to down-to-earth and relentless pursuit. The enterprise has the positive energy, has stuck the development the root. It enables everyone in the enterprise in life and work in the light of human nature, wisdom, with our technology and services so that our partners and we have the same confidence to meet the future. This is our wealth, but also our value, but we provide customers with satisfactory service source and belief. Excellent source of thought and excellent culture, respect for people is the essence of Yongxin People's corporate culture. The establishment of fair competition and virtue is the mechanism, is the core of supporting the development of enterprises. We are willing to provide a superior working environment for the broad masses of people with lofty ideals and full display of talent stage, so that both political and moral ability to realize the value of life, create a pluralistic external network and harmonious internal control tightly integrated enterprise environment. Provide inexhaustible positive energy for our healthy development. Unite to promote the greater and stronger development of Yongxin Energy.


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