May 26, Cheng da Company and Chongqing Chuan Instrument automation company 120NM³/DVCOG Coal Hydrogen production project contracted cooperation


July 15, "Yongxin Energy News" published

July 1, 40,000 nm3/hydrogen production, 1.2 million tons/year diesel hydrogenation project a successful driving

January 12, 10 Anniversary of incorporation


November 28, Yongxin Energy Group successfully acquired Shandong Boxing Shengli Technology Co., Ltd.

October 1, Yongfeng baking furnace successfully ignition success

August, Shandong Yongxin Energy Group successfully sold the products of gasoline and diesel into PetroChina and Sinopec market

August 30, released in Beijing, China's top 500 private enterprises list, Shandong province Boxing County Chemical Co., Ltd. is ranked as the No. 353 largest manufacturing 500, Shandong private enterprises 100 Strong 84th


November 19, Yongfeng waste heat power generation project connected to power generation success

November, Shandong Xingyuan Titanium Co., Ltd. was awarded the Invention Patent certificate, a utility model invention patent two

September 11, Xingyuan Titanium industry, the first phase of the project completed September donation 100,000 yuan to help Qiao Liuwang Zhuang Road, the installation of street lights, building Cultural Plaza, to the Boxing County Charitable Association donated 100,000 yuan, donated 30 tons of love flour in the lakeside Town nursing Home for the donation ceremony

August, the company officially registered Shandong Yongxin Energy Group Co., Ltd.

June, Xingyuan Titanium industry started construction

January, reached 1.2 million tons/year hydrogenation project started construction, steel frame, the executive corridor completed in August


November 13, the company held a grand new project into production and the inauguration ceremony of the Office building  

September 8, the company moved to a large new plant, a fresh canteen for investment

August 2, Shandong Xingyuan Titanium Co., Ltd. was established and broke ground

May 18, 300,000 tons/year gasoline hydrogenation unit successfully started

April 15, Shandong Yongfeng New Materials Technology Co., Ltd. started construction

February, the company was county government has awarded the 2010 Annual Production safety advanced units, investment advanced units, Boxing County Star Enterprises, Hing Bo Pioneer Enterprises, and Chairman Zhang Liang was named Boxing County star entrepreneur honorary title. Chengda New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. was awarded the 2010 annual major project building advanced units, Chairman Zhang Liang Thousand by the county government County government awarded the major construction projects of individual individuals, and remember the third work. The company was Binzhou General Union, Binzhou Work Safety Supervision Administration, Binzhou human Resources and Social Security Bureau jointly awarded three stars labor relations harmonious enterprise.

January, the main part of the office completed, the main restaurant project completed, staff dormitory building began to break ground


August 5, storage tank area six 10,000 cubic cans main project completed

May 25, Shandong Xinda New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. was established, into 1.6 million tons/year of heavy oil catalytic cracking unit construction smoothly

May 16, the gasoline hydrogenation unit lay the groundwork for construction


November 8, Coking workshop completed for investment

August 29, the hydrogenation unit was completed for commissioning and successfully tested.

March 1, Yongxin opened a shuttle to Boxing.


November, 400,000 tons coking unit started construction

October 18, Shandong Yongfeng New Materials Technology Co., Ltd. was established

October, water treatment plant completed for investment

May, 35,000 kv substation was put into construction and used at the end of the year

April, construction of water treatment plant started in April, the East unloading stage, tank area and supporting facilities broke ground


December, the hydrogenation plant is the foundation for construction

November 25, successful commissioning of the second set of gas separation units


August 1, successful commissioning of gas separation

April, laying the groundwork for the construction of the gas separation plant


October 18, the catalytic device for the completion of the investment


December 19, constant decompression and completion of investment

December, construction of catalytic plant

May 12, storage and transportation construction, atmospheric and vacuum equipment laying the groundwork for construction

January 29, the official organization of personnel, the establishment of the Ministry of Finance, lead group to start the office

January 12, Shandong province Boxing County Chemical Co., Ltd. was incorporated

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